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Hello! I'm Sarah (Sansone) O'Kane and here's a little bit about how I got started in this business...

I started working in restaurants at the age of 14. Arcobassos was my first job as a bus girl and I loved it. I've always loved food and if you know me, I not only love to cook and eat, I love the experiences with food the most! I love the way food brings together family and community. Growing up in an Italian/Sicilian family, food was everything. "Are you hungry? No? Well here's just a small sandwich... eat it anyway!"

I started serving at the age of 18 and wanted to go to Culinary School but had a soccer scholarship to a university so I went that direction. I graduated with a marketing and business degree and then earned a hospitality degree all while working in all kinds of environments- serving food and cocktails, cooking in dive bars, you name it.

I started a managing position at JBucks at age 23 and knew I needed more, so I pursued a career in catering (where I met my husband). I loved it! I worked at Villa Farotto in Chesterfield for 5 years catering and serving. While working there, I started "Sansone Catering" where I established a clientele base catering for corporate events, family functions, weddings, showers, baby showers, and so on. I'm now a work from home Mom of two beautiful, fun and crazy daughters. I manage our household while catering & cooking family meals from my kitchen. I'm also a co-coordinator of the Moms + Munchkins ministry at St. Joe, and co-coach my daughter's soccer teams and a few other things... you know, #MomLife. I also help my wonderful, supportive, Dad take care of my Mom who suffers from dementia.

I started this business to help with the craziness in your busy weeks of trying to feed your family a decent home-cooked meal while juggling everything else. There are some of you having babies, moving, going from sports to piano, etc! I'm happy to be a part of your week and I'm looking forward to you and your family enjoying the meals and the convenience!

Thank you for reading!

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