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What do we do here?

made from scratch*

fully cooked


vegetarian & gluten-free options

balanced dinners & more...

to easily re-heat at home.

*what made from "scratch" means to us:  organic, no additives, homegrown,

pesticide-free, fresh, hand-cut meats, farm-to-table, sustainable-focused kitchen

Can I get something now?




We offer new weekly menu items with our full menu for you to pick up the following week - your day and time of choice

** single portions available


Made fresh everyday.

Available to take with you anytime 
during store hours


Our most popular items in rotation along with daily chef creations - posted on our website every Monday

** single portions available

Want to plan ahead?

We do that too!


All occasions, big or small!
We'll work with you on a custom menu

to fit your needs

I don't have time to cook

our meals are fully cooked, 
use our suggested re-heating instructions 

  • no shopping 

  • no prepping 

  • no cooking

i need dinner tonight

grab anything from our grab & go menu

or daily specials during store hours

My friend needs
a good meal

great option for gifting & meal trains

I'm Tired of 
wasting money

no need to buy special ingredients that will go to waste in your cupboard

My kids have
too much
fast food

to O'Kanes Kitchen online! 

We are excited to be expanding our services and providing more options

to make your busy life easier. 


I'm throwing a party!

CATERING is the heart of O'Kanes, we custom cater all parties, from small get-togethers to large occasions

our balanced meals are fully cooked, 
made from scratch

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